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· A 1 E 5 ·

How much of reality and how much about appearance there is in our world? Is that what we perceive “real” true? Or is it just an illusion?
Since ancient times men have raised these questions as a central philosophical problem. According to the theory of the ideas of the Greek philosopher Plato, there are two worlds: one material and the other immaterial: the first corresponds to the senses, it is the world of the senses, perishable and imperfect, only a copy of the true world. The second is the world of ideas, model of the previous, permanent, immutable, perfect and superior. Currently, various investigations such as that of the Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom have even suggested that we could be living in a computer-generated simulation built by an advanced civilization. Then we ourselves could be simulations.

In line with the hypotheses raised in these theories, the A1E5 project creates an ambi- guous universe where reality and fiction are confused in a duality in constant tension. This antagonistic clash has been the fuel of his creative process, using as a starting point great questions:

Has humanity caused life on our planet to become impossible? Is the solution to escape from it? Have our species reached a point of total inflection? Is it our only hope to find other beings that can give us back what we have lost?
If the tangible world is illusory, we should not rely on the senses to reach potential answers.

So where should we look for them? Is there any point of contact with that ideal world? Plato assured that the man is also configured by a material and an immaterial part. The souls fallen in disgrace have incarnated in our bodies being prisoners, to free themselves they should only remember. Born in the upper world they have all the information, they should not acquire new knowledge, just remember them. To achieve this, the philosopher proposed knowledge and philosophy as the only possible way. Today in the 21st century our civilization seems to be understanding that the answers are probably in ourselves, leaving the continuous linear mental model that has installed the system and placing us in our Being, true axis and essence of all men.

The collaborative work between both artists emerges in the rich under the context of the city of Berlin, listed as the world capital of the Techno style. Immersed in an atmosphere of full freedom, creative energy in permanent flow and the exchange between artists who come from all over the world, Zaragozá and Mur have joined forces to create this audio- visual project.

Published on the Detroit Underground label, one of the most respected in the internatio- nal electronic scene, which was founded in 1997 in the American city of Detroit. This label has generated a unique visibility platform for artists from all over the world who find in it an exceptional space to exhibit their most experimental musical projects.

A1E5 is presented in an Audiovisual Release format, articulated in five tracks in digital format that will be accompanied by a DVD with the corresponding visuals for each one. With an experimental electronic music proposal, it contains techno influences at a BPM of 120, ambient, frequencies and drones, distorting the sound space and generating a hypnotic atmosphere full of mystery. A precise and forceful sound transmutes the “Be- ing” as a powerful mantra, quieting the mind and awakening deep emotions.

In this way each perceived beat penetrates through the body connecting it to a harmoni- zing frequency with the universe.
Visuals meanwhile creates enigmatic environments where digital images and real lands- capes alternate dizzily. A dark monochrome palette gains prominence, sharpening the drama and scenic intensity. The forms mutate as developing dynamism increases. At times synthetic geometric figures of primary colors appropriate space. For others, the presence of human figures bursts the scene, their hieratic bodies remind the sculptures of ancient civilizations or perhaps allude to interdimensional consciences representing our purest individual state. A certain vibration prevails stubbornly, straight lines and geome- tric figures seem to unveil a constantly flowing matrix, which at the rate of a living or- ganism advances in the plane without stopping. The prevailing chaos keeps the pulsations at ecstatic levels, the crossing of sounds and images produces multisensory alterations in a very solid aesthetic configuration.

At the end of the trip, the experience will be transformative, were the senses the vehicle that moved us here? It will depend on the passenger to believe them !!

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